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Our mission is to empower educators to engage students in order to impact communities.


Empowering Educators

  • by providing professional development that builds the pedagogy of leaders,

  • by creating a systematic approach to data-driven instruction, and

  • by collaborating with leaders and teachers to develop a team approach in response-to-intervention (RtI).

Helping Teachers Implement Best Practices

  • by training teachers in effective instruction in the 90-minute reading block,

  • by facilitating an effective delivery of tiered intervention instruction,

  • by maximizing existing resources to be successful in literacy,

  • by equipping teachers with evidence-based classroom management techniques,

  • by continuing to educate teachers in brain-based research of “what works” in the classroom, and

  • by promoting multisensory strategies that achieve high student engagement.

Impacting Communities

  • by assisting schools in partnering with community leaders and volunteers,

  • by educating parents in literacy activities to build awareness of the importance of reading at home, and

  • by engaging students to become productive citizens who will be future leaders in their communities.