We believe that empowering educators includes complimenting well-designed learning tools with quality professional development.


Helping educators acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively guide students to reading proficiency, our services have been designed to demonstrate how to implement sound walls following the principles and elements of structured literacy in a way that aligns with the science of reading. 

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Sound Wall Classes

A 6-hour fundamentals class focused on the science of sound walls, their design, and their implementation into your daily phonological awareness and phonics instruction!

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Sound Wall Coaching and Support

Our literacy consultants will travel on-site to observe sound wall implementation in classrooms, model lessons, and collaborate with your educators to create an implementation action plan.

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Customized Professional Development and Consulting

Want more personalized learning for your team?  Our consultants are available to collaborate with school / district personnel to develop professional development and ongoing support plans that align with district goals and expectations related to literacy and the science of reading.