"Daily Reading Routines" and "Why Shift from a Word Wall to a Sound Wall?"

See Dr. Mary Dahlgren along with other speakers in Pennsylvania, March 9, 2017!

Join Pennsylvania’s educators for the Bureau of Special Education’s signature event. This annual, statewide conference offers an opportunity to learn and engage with nationally-known presenters, as well as colleagues from across the state, highlighting effective instructional strategies and interventions designed to make an educational difference for all students.

Dr. Mary Dahlgren will be presenting

Daily Reading Routines

Daily reading routines build on previously taught information and are the perfect opportunity to provide repetition our students need to achieve automaticity and fluency. This session will focus on good tier 1 instruction using common classroom resources to provide daily practice. Integrate simple routines as part of daily review and warm up exercises before launching new learning for the reading instruction. As a result of familiarity from daily practice, one of the goals is to have students themselves lead the activity. Components include alphabet, phoneme and grapheme correspondences, irregular word reading, vocabulary, and sentence writing.

Why Shift from a Word Wall to a Sound Wall?

Word walls have been posted in our classrooms for years; some as a mandate by the district, others due to status quo, "it's the way we have always done things." This presentation is making a case to replace a word wall with a better and more effective sound wall to connect phonology and orthography. Articulatory features to clarify production of speech sounds will be shown by using pictures of 'kid lips' posted above graphemes on both vowel and consonant sound walls. The how’s and whys of a sound wall will be demonstrated and discussed during this presentation.

Register Today on the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education Website!

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