Spellography: A Fun Guide to Better Spelling

By Louisa Moats, Ed.D., and Bruce Rosow, Ed.D.

This classroom-tested program teaches spelling concepts explicitly, systematically, cumulatively, and enjoyably! A perfect complement to your current reading and language arts program, Spellography was designed to help all students make sense of the English spelling system, and thus become better at understanding, reading, and writing words.

With this structured language approach, students will learn:

  • Phoneme awareness and syllable stress patterns (phonology)

  • Sound-spelling associations (phoneme-grapheme correspondence)

  • Syllable spelling patterns and combinations

  • Prefix, root, and suffix constructions (morphology)

  • Sentence structure (syntax)

  • Parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs)

  • Idioms, figures of speech, and more


This new, revised version of Spellography will have four books:

  • Book A, Units 1-6 (Available to Order)

  • Book B, Units 7-12 (Planned 2023 Release)

  • Book C, Units 13-18 (Planned 2023 Release)

  • Book D, Units 19-24 (Planned 2023 Release)


Books A and B are typically used with 4th graders, and Books C and D with 5th graders who have had – or who have already mastered – the concepts and skills in the first two books.


Each unit includes 6 lessons that typically take 2 weeks to teach. Each unit and each book ends with a comprehensive review. A spelling inventory accompanies each book so that teachers can monitor their students’ growth from pre- to post-testing.

Spellography is not a traditional spelling program. There are no lists to memorize and no “Friday tests” whose words are soon forgotten. Instead, this program explores why words are spelled the way they are, emphasizing understanding over rote memorization. As they explore the history of English and the way that print represents both sound and meaning, students are much more likely to remember words they are asked to write.

The teacher’s guide has all the answers to the students’ exercises as well as tips on how to present the instructional activities. Teachers who have participated in LETRS Professional Development will be well prepared to teach this structured language program, as Dr. Moats has been an author of both.

Finally, Spellography is fun. The lead narrator is an Asian Indian spelling whizz (Hari) who is trying to help his younger sister (Tara) grasp the concepts. These characters, with their dog Yogi, provide gentle humor all throughout the spelling journey.

Spellography Book A - Unit 3 Preview

The Authors

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Louisa Moats, Ed.D.

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Bruce Rosow, Ed.D.