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Elementary Classroom


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Can I take Sound Wall Classes and/or Top 10 Tools for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)?
Do you offer a discount on materials, specifically for large/bulk orders?
Do you offer free downloadable resources?
Do you record professional development sessions for later viewing?
Do you ship internationally?
How do I cancel a professional development service?
How do I implement Top 10 Tools in my school/district?
How do I log in to Top 10 Tools?
How do I purchase Top 10 Tools?
How do I purchase materials and/or services with a purchase order?
How do I purchase materials from the store?
How do I return or exchange a store purchase?
I don't know if I should buy the Sound Wall Starter Pack or the T4R Value Pack, what's the difference?
I have finished the Top 10 Tools coursework. What now?
Sound Walls: Does the configuration of my sound wall matter?
Sound Walls: Should I post high frequency words on my sound wall?
Sound Walls: Where do I put phoneme/grapheme cards "qu" and "x"?
Sound Walls: Where should I post irregular high-frequency words?
Sound Walls: Why aren't cards for Q and X included in the Kid Lips Picture Cards?
What are the terms of use for Top 10 Tools?
What is a micro-credential?
What is the difference between Sound Wall Solutions and the Kid Lips Instructional Guide?
When are you going to have more Sound Wall Classes available?
Where is your W-9?
Why can't I see out of the mirrors I ordered and why do they look all scratched up?
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