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I don't know if I should buy the Sound Wall Starter Pack or the T4R Value Pack, what's the difference?

The T4R Value Pack includes everything the Sound Wall Starter Pack does (Kid Lips Instructional Guide, Kid Lips and the Phoneme/Grapheme Mini set) as well as the Phoneme/Grapheme Teacher's Set (aka, Sound Spelling Cards and is the first Tools 4 Reading item created by Dr. Mary Dahlgren) which has the pic/letter on one side and on the other there is helpful info for the teacher to refer to. The T4R Value Pack also includes a Vowel Valley, Consonant Chart and Phoneme/Grapheme poster (most teachers hang these on their walls to coincide with their Sound Walls). We would recommend the T4R Value Pack, especially if you are new to using a Sound Wall. It really will help to bring everything together. However, we can understand if you want to stick with the basics by getting the Sound Wall Starter Pack. It contains everything you need to create a complete Sound Wall.

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