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What is a micro-credential?

Article Credit: Donna Hejtmanek and Dr. Lori Severino

Micro-credentials are a form of professional development that break down a scholarly topic or general skill into its discrete parts. Micro-credentials require a demonstration of competency in each discrete segment of that general skill via a portfolio or performance assessment. Once competency has been demonstrated, a micro-credential in that discrete segment of the general skill or scholarly topic is awarded. Individual micro-credentials are then “stacked” to collectively represent a proven body of knowledge on a particular scholarly topic or general skill.

Micro-credentials elevate the outcomes of their learners; as they not only learn about discrete embedded skills within a scholarly topic, but they also can apply the skill in their practice and demonstrate their pedagogical growth as a result. As you continue to build your micro-credential courses, your badge can be shared with your employer and on your social media.

Micro-credentials demonstrate your acquired knowledge of competencies that you can continue to build upon during your career.

We have partnered with Drexel University and Credentials Unlimited, LLC to offer a micro-credential for Top 10 Tools.  For more information, please read about our additional options for taking Top 10 Tools.

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