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What is the difference between Sound Wall Solutions and the Kid Lips Instructional Guide?

The Kid Lips Instructional Guide provides the support needed to correctly produce phonemes, includes the features of the sound, tips for application, and special notes followed by a brief and explicit instructional sequence.

Sound Wall Solutions includes a progression of tasks that guide students through acquiring phonological awareness to developing advanced phonemic awareness.  The lessons in Sound Wall Solutions are organized according to Ehri’s phases of word reading development, which allows you to differentiate instruction to accommodate your students' developmental stage.

Think of Sound Wall Solutions as a companion to the Kid Lips Instructional Guide.  Teachers use Sound Wall Solutions lessons as anticipatory sets, daily warm-up activities, and review activities!

By coupling the Kid Lips Instructional Guide with Sound Wall Solutions, you will be able to support your learners by getting their ears ready for what their eyes will see before diving into your explicit phonics instruction!

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