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Elementary Classroom

Top 10 Tools IDA Course

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How do the standard and IDA accredited courses compare?


Both the standard and IDA accredited versions of Top 10 Tools 

  • have the same content, 

  • are aligned with the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards

  • are designed to prepare candidates to take the KPEERI exam

  • feature formative and summative assessments of learning, and

  • can be taken for 3 PD credits/CEUs through Northwest Nazarene University.


The IDA version of the course is designed for those who are seeking an IDA approved credential for taking Top 10 Tools. This version is more rigorous, featuring the following additional requirements:

  • Purchasing a textbook that will be required throughout the course

  • Completing required readings and written responses, which are graded on a rubric by T10T faculty

  • Completing required discussion board posts and reflections

  • Submitting lesson plans


For more detailed information about the IDA accredited version of Top 10 Tools™, please download and read the course syllabus.

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