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Tool 01



  • Learn the rationale behind the development of The Reading Teachers Top Ten Tools: Instruction that Makes a Difference

  • Become familiar with a conceptual model of reading – the WHAT to teach.

  • Consider effective teaching behaviors and compare them to your own teaching – the HOW to teach.

  • Plan for engagement in the course

Part 1: Welcome

Topic 1: Reason for the Course – Knowledge, Our Most Important Tool

  • Rationale and explanation of the term Tool which is used throughout the course

  • Tool = Knowledge + Practice

Topic 2: Course Design and Content

  • Overview of the course, description, and what to expect

Part 2: What to Teach - Research That Grounds Us

Topic 1: The Five Components

  • Teachers are reminded of the five components, there are no new components but we keep learning more deeply about them and the relationships they share during the course of learning to read.

Topic 2: The Simple View of Reading

  • Gough and Tunmer’s conceptual model The Simple View is introduced. It isolates two domains responsible for reading comprehension: Decoding (Word recognition) and Language Comprehension. Teachers fill out a template as they learn.

  • Teachers reflect on their current teaching of decoding and language after studying the Simple View of Reading.

Part 3: How to Teach - The Top Ten in Your Classroom

Topic 1: How to Teach

  • This section presents a study of teacher and student behaviors found in highly successful classrooms.

  • A Self-Evaluation Checklist is used to help teachers assess their own teaching behaviors.

  • Teachers observe a brief lesson with the effective teaching behaviors identified throughout

  • Two downloads provide additional resources that outline effective teaching processes: 17 Principles of Effective Instruction and the NCTQ study Learning About the Six Instructional Strategies.

Topic 2: A Teaching Example for You

  • Learners participate in a directed lesson that demonstrates effective teaching processes within a vocabulary lesson that teaches the word – pedagogy.

Part 4: Planning

Topic 1: Plan for Viewing the Course

  • Teachers develop a plan and schedule for viewing and completing the course.

  • Teachers respond to questions on a document titled: My Reading Pedagogy.

Part 5: Wrap Up

Topic 1: Summary

  • A summary of Tool 1 content is provided.

  • Conversation with an Expert – a video conversation with Dr. Marilyn Adams

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