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West Virginia Phonics

We are pleased to continue offering West Virginia Phonics for our Tools4Reading community!  

Please note: Tools4Reading did not write these lessons but made them available for your professional use.

Skill 1

Skill 1 is phonemic awareness and letter recognition. Students must able to blend and segment at least 4 phonemes and have the ability to name and match sounds to all 26 letters before beginning the lessons. These skills are not included in the lessons. 


Is there a scope and sequence for the lessons? No.  The needs of the student will determine where you begin with the lessons. 

Skill 3
Consonant Blends

Skill 4
Consonant Digraphs

Skill 5
Long Vowels (CVCe)

Please Note:  Long E is unavailable at this time.

Skill 6
Predictable Vowel Teams

Skill 7
Unpredictable Vowel Teams

Skill 8
Vowel R