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How do I implement Top 10 Tools in my school/district?

We recommend that teachers enroll in Top 10 Tools™ (T10T) online learning for one to two years, which allows for in-depth study and application. Teachers can revisit the content at any time and complete the modules in any order with longer enrollment options.

Some districts choose to study the foundational decoding skills first followed by the language and comprehension skills. Others begin with Tool 1 and work through the tools in order.

Top 10 Tools™ can be adapted and individualized for states and districts to help teachers connect the content to state standards, statewide initiatives, and reading programs.  Custom implementations will incur additional fees.

When teachers are enrolled, they receive:

  • Login credentials to the online platform

  • Access to all downloads (planning forms, activity booklets, articles, readings, etc.)

  • Access to training video that introduces users to the course, how to navigate the platform, how to use the course

  • Online discussion boards and learning journal

  • Technical support

District/School supports can include:

  • Coach’s Guide to support local literacy coach/leader roles within schools

  • Pacing guides to help develop a cohesive plan for completing T10T within the enrollment timeframe.

  • Administrative roles that allow for posting announcements and accessing and downloading user reports.

  • Technical support.

Pricing Guide

We offer discounts to schools and districts for bulk purchases of annual licenses for T10T.

  • $500 / license - less than 100 annual licenses

  • $450 / license - 100-199 licenses

  • $438 / license - 200-299 licenses

  • $425 / license - more than 399 licenses

Purchasing Bulk Licenses

For more information about purchasing Top 10 Tools and distributing licenses, click here.

Blended Support Systems

A key component of Top 10 Tools™ is providing a coach to monitor the progress of your educators, post announcements, and lead discussions via discussion boards. We offer schools and districts 4 implementation options for coaching:

  • Option 1: The school/district assigns a coach to post announcements, respond to and lead discussion board discussions, create user reports. No Additional Cost.

  • Option 2: Once per month virtual meetings with local coaches to support their work. $6000 / year addtional cost.

  • Option 3: A T10T coach will monitor and support users in the course as outlined in Option 1. The T10T coach also meets virtually with teachers on a regular basis to review content and connect the information to planning and instruction. A T10T coach will monitor and support users in the course as outlined in Option 1. The T10T coach also meets virtually with teachers on a regular basis to review content and connect the information to planning and instruction. Variable based on the number of participants and the desired number of meetings.

  • Option 4: Trainer of Trainers (TOT) model. Intensive training to create a cadre of local T10T fellows who can lead strong implementation in districts or states. Contact Us.

Face-to-Face Training

We also offer schools and districts face-to-face training with one of our literacy experts at a rate of $4,000 per day.

Face-to-face training can include the following:

  • Initial Training – Training for all teachers/principals prior to the beginning of the PD initiative. This kick-off training focuses on building an excitement around the Top 10 Tools™, introduces teachers to the platform and lets them explore on their own devices through guided exercises (using the discussion board, finding the menu, personal learning journal, etc.). This training also introduces users to the content and provides hands on activities they can take and use right away. (Customized half-day and full day options to accommodate all teachers)

  • Site Visits - T10T consultants visit the schools and meet for half to full day sessions with specific grade level teachers. Substitute teachers generally cover classes for half day rotations (sub cost is outside of the T10T proposal). These personalized sessions focus on student data and developing responsive lessons for students. Classroom observations and modeling are helpful at this point with debriefing and feedback provided. Two site-visitations/year are recommended.

  • Face-to-Face Group Trainings – These trainings reinforce the T10T content, provide additional information, and engage participants in hands-on activities.

Considerations as You Plan Your T10T Implementation

  • How will your school / district provide time for participants to review or discuss course content?

  • How will local support personnel maintain contact with participants as they progress through the course?

  • How will principals establish goals for literacy advancement for both teachers and students?

  • How will districts individualize the course to help teachers connect content to their reading programs?

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