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How do I purchase Top 10 Tools?

We offer both annual licenses and monthly subscriptions for access to Top 10 Tools.

Purchasing an Individual License or Subscription

Monthly subscriptions are processed via PayPal.  You will need a PayPal account to successfully purchase this type of license.

Purchasing Multiple Licenses

Although it is technically possible to purchase monthly subscriptions for multiple individuals, we recommend that schools or districts purchase annual licenses using the following process:

  • Complete the purchase order form provided by your district, ensuring that you include the names of the participants you intend to enroll in the purchase order.

  • Download and complete the Enrollment Spreadsheet, detailing the names and email addresses of the participants you wish to enroll.  Save this as a .csv file.

  • Submit your completed purchase order form and enrollment spreadsheet to

Once we receive your purchase order, we will send an invoice for payment. Invoices are due within the first 45 days of payment. Failure to pay within this window could result in deactivation of your participant accounts.

We offer a variety of additional options for implementing Top 10 Tools in your school or district.  Please see the article "Implementing Top 10 Tools in Your School / District" to learn more.

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